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A sci-fi resource strategy management game in which players use DeFi mechanisms to build and conquer cities on the moon.

Moonscape is a resource strategy management DeFi game that takes place on a futuristic moon. Players scramble for limited resources to develop their burgeoning cities. In the quest for domination, players can plunder rival cities and collaborate with friendly ones. City-building uses tried-and-tested DeFi mechanics, some employing the use of NFTs. Rovers and entire cities can also be turned into NFTs and traded and sold on the open market as well.


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welcome to moonscape
Game Trailer
Project details

Moonscape is a brand new take on the resource management strategy genre. In it, players explore a futuristic moon, using DeFi features to enhance their cities while earning rewards for their time spent in-game.

As the very first game on Moonbeam, Moonscape brings a new way for fans and enthusiasts to engage in the DeFi and NFT economies.

  • Attain resources with various DeFi mechanics
  • Play-to-earn: Get rewarded for your time spent in-game
  • Explore the futuristic moon, scavenge for materials, and battle fearsome foes.
  • Retro futuristic immersive world, Sci-Fi world.
  • Collaborate with partners to reform the moon, while collectively improving your returns.
  • Attack rival cities to plunder in the fight for limited resources
  • Acquire NFTs that can be staked or burned in exchange for upgrades and rewards
  • Developed for PC (browser) and Mobile (app).

welcome to gameplay

Explore and Forage

The Moon presents many opportunities to explore its landscape, upgrade your weapons, grow your cities and fight all who stand in your way.

Enter your rover and probe your way across the map. Along the way, you will find different kinds of resources, each one necessary to increase the capabilities of your cities and DeFi mechanics they rely on. Some resource points are protected by fierce Guardians that will attack intruders on sight. Tread safely, but bravely.

game background
game background

Your trusted rover can be improved, seeing their capabilities greatly increased. Acquire different rovers with special advantages unique to their build. These rovers can also be minted and traded as NFTs.

vehicle 1
vehicle 2
vehicle 3

Build Your Territory

Find a location to your liking and build your first city. Grow your city to enhance your power. Most buildings have two types of features, one to help you improve your city and rovers, and a DeFi feature offering attractive staking options. Each building can be upgraded, not only giving your city better output, but increasing your DeFi earnings. You will find a large variety of building combinations, making each city as vibrant as it is unique.

In addition, all the cities can be turned into NFTs for minting, trading and selling, profiting industrious players.

building step 1
building step 2
building step 3


Visit cities across the map, discovering the various combinations of buildings to be found. Add city leaders as friends to access their local DeFi features in their buildings, sharing earnings while building lasting friendships.

rover info

nft info

Attack and Defend

The moon’s resources are finite and scarce. Every game season will have a limited amount shared by all players. Resources are extremely important, as these not only improve your cities and rovers, but also your earnings. When mining these is not enough, things may get violent! You can visit the cities of other players and start an attack. Fight against their defenses in order to destroy their building and plunder their hidden resources. But be ready, spoils won’t come lightly. Cities are guarded with defenses. Defenders will be able to build powerful turrets and traps to counter the invasion.

vehicle 4


MoonDust is a material unique to the Moonscape ecosystem. It can be obtained by spending MSCP, providing improvements to buildings and rovers. Additionally, all players will receive an allotment of a collective pool of MoonDust at the end of each season. The more refined dust you add to the pool, the larger it gets, along with your individual allotment! The more players spend, the higher the chances of obtaining special rewards for all players!

welcome to moon tokens

Token info

mscp token

Moonscape (MSCP) Token

MSCP will be the official token of Moonscape. Use it in the game to obtain the premium resource MoonDust. This magical material will bring great incentives not only to the purchasing player, but to everyone playing the game!

  • Seascape’s very first Player-Created-Coin!

  • Used to refine Moondust

  • Incentivized yield token

  • No team or advisor allocations

  • No large private investor allocations

radiation suit avatar


Rovers and cities can be minted, turning them into NFTs and traded in marketplaces. Hardworking players can be rewarded for their effort, while players with less time can benefit by purchasing premade cities in which to start earning. Scapes, Seascape’s signature NFT series, can also be staked or used in Moonscape, providing additional benefits and new Moonscape theme NFTs.

Token distribution & release schedule

token distribution graph
mscp token graph

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