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Lighthouse is an IDO platform with a focus on Web3 gaming and usability for game developers. It's a platform where gamers can support future games and projects through raises for which they may be rewarded. Backers use their Tiers to participate in raises, with higher Tiers providing more advantages/chances but being used in the process.

To become eligible for the project funding pool, players need to own a Tier badge. Each Tier can be earned by meeting different requirements and burning a predetermined amount of CWS. Once the player has successfully donated to the project and received the allotment, the Tier is consumed, meaning the backer goes back to Tier 0 and needs to meet the requirements (which are subject to vary over time) to get Tiers. If a Backer has a Tier, but the requirements for said Tier changes, the backer will keep their original Tier even if they do not meet the new requirements.

To participate in the random allotment, a player must own a badge of at least tier 1 and show interest by researching and clicking on the invest button. Players need to be KYC’d in order to participate in the random allotment.
You will be prompted to donate a fixed amount in exchange for your Allotment NFT and will be taken out of the other Random allotments and the Auction. You cannot choose the amount to donate. Do note that if you refuse to donate, you will lose your chance to participate in that project’s raise, but will keep your Tier.
If you do not win in the Tier 3 Random Allotment, you are still eligible for the Tier 2 one, and Tier 1 after that. Should you lose the Tier 1 allotment, you will be be able to participate directly in the Auction phase of the raise.
Players that lose the random allotment can participate in the auction pool. Users who win the random allotment and turn down the opportunity to fund will not be allowed to participate in the auction. The auction pool will be the same for every participant Tier-holder that loses the random allotment. They will not lose their Tier when participating in the auction pool however they still need to be registered and KYC’d.

All successful participants will receive an allocation NFT which can be used in 4 different ways:

Burn the allocation NFT to claim the project’s token (where applicable)

Burn the NFT to claim CWS

Lock NFT to increase allocation

Burn NFT to guarantee the next project allocation (thereby avoiding participation in the random allotment)

Use for weighted votes on the Seascape DAO

Players may sell their allocation NFTs on the Scape Store.
In addition to visiting our homepage, where you can click on the help icon in the bottom right corner of the page, you can contact customer support by sending an email to [email protected].

You can also join our Discord server here here and send a support ticket directly within the server directly in your native language, as well as keep up to date with our latest updates.

Finally, our Telegram has a support bot and a number of Seascape Ambassadors with tons of knowledge and who cannot wait to interact with fans with questions.
If you do not register before the random allotment of a given project starts then it is no longer possible to participate in that project. However, you can still register and get verified after that and participate in the next project. You need to register and verify only once.

Make sure that you have passed your KYC and that our services are available in your country or region. Countries that are not allowed to participate in the funding process:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Congo (Democratic Republic)
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
North Korea
South Sudan
Sri Lanka
Syrian Arab Republic
Trinidad and Tobago
Virgin Islands (British)
Virgin Islands (U.S)
and Zimbabwe.

Every successful pre-funding results in the burning of your Tier badge. If you meet all the necessary conditions you can always reclaim it in the Tier page.

If you have not received any confirmation of registration, first confirm that your email address is correct. If the address is correct contact our customer support at [email protected] or submit a ticket in our Discord or Telegram and we will help you fix your issue.

Blockchains you can use to participate will be determined on a project basis. For some projects there will be multiple options, however, for some there may be only one
If the project fails do not worry, as your allotment is secure. Upon receiving your allocation NFT you can choose the “Burn the NFT and receive CWS allocation” option. Seascape will deposit the same amount that was raised for a specific project, into a separate smart contract. This will ensure that if a project fails all donating gamers can get their allotment back in CWS.
Each project will be heavily pre-checked by Seascape’s team in order to ensure the best possible chance of an outstanding game. We will not support any projects that are remotely suspicious or that we do not feel confident enough to back with our own token. Furthermore, your contribution is secured as you can redeem your allocation NFT in CWS tokens.
No, the only way to lose your Tier is by participating in an IDO and winning and donating in the random allotment. You will keep your Tier as long as it’s not used even if you do not meet the new Tier requirements anymore
The allotment pools will be different for each project. Please check project explanations for details.
General questions

Login to your MetaMask account. On the very bottom click the Add Token button. The page Add Tokens will open. Click on the tab Custom Tokens. After you click on Custom Token, copy and paste your desired token contract address. MetaMask will automatically fill out the token symbol and the token decimals field upon which you can proceed and click on the Next button. To finish adding the new token to your Metamask account just click on the Add Tokens button. Always be careful and take precaution when adding new tokens to your wallet of choice.

The Crowns token is the official token of the Seascape Network. It's available on ETH, BSC, and Moonriver and serves as a reward mechanism for users in the gaming ecosystem. Crowns have two versions: CWS and pCWS. CWS tokens can be used on Ethereum Mainnet and Moonriver, while pCWS tokens are used for Binance Smart Chain dApps. Although there is a slight difference in the way they are used, both versions of Crowns share the exact same value and serve the same purpose of facilitating transactions and interactions within the Seascape Network's gaming ecosystem.

In order to see your CWS on Metamask or Wallet connect you will need to enter the tokens contract address. Keep in mind that CWS token address is different from pCWS contract address.

ETH address: 0xac0104cca91d167873b8601d2e71eb3d4d8c33e0
Moonriver address: 0x6fc9651f45B262AE6338a701D563Ab118B1eC0Ce
BSC address: 0xbcf39f0edda668c58371e519af37ca705f2bfcbd

From purchasing in-game resources packs and diamonds in Mini Miners to building pools with Moondust in Moonscape, to circulating through various web3 mini games in the seascape ecosystem, the CWS token plays a central role in enabling users to engage with and benefit from the Seascape platform. Acquire CWS here:

Riverboat (ticket RIB) are the first ERC-20 tokens deployed on Moonriver and will have uses both in gaming and within the NFT economies. They are a Seascape original token which can be attained on the SeaDex in exchange for MOVR tokens.

Wichita is Seascape original NFT based exclusively on BNB Chain. It was launched as a part of the initial introduction of Binances NFT marketplace in the form of mystery boxes. They are four different quality from Special, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Scape Store
Binance Marketplace
MSCP is the official token of our first ever Lighthouse IDO game Moonscape. Holders can use it in the game to obtain the premium resource MoonDust, buy limited NFTs, lock in Lighthouse pools and much more.
Riverboats are Seascape original 3D boat NFTs, each unique in style and design and they come in 5 Builds: Fishing boat, Riverboat, Speedboat, Sailboat, and Yacht. Within the Seascape ecosystem it will have utility with mini games, onthe Seascape DAO, and others over time.
MOVR is Moonriver’s native cryptocurrency. It is used for paying transaction fees, supporting smart contract execution, incentivizing collaborators for producing blocks to support the network, and facilitating Moonriver’s on-chain governance mechanism.
KYC stands for "Know Your Customer" or "Know Your Client" in some cases. KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process of identifying and validating a client's identification when they open an account and on a regular basis thereafter.
Click on the verify button on your profile page and follow the instructions. Make sure to have a personal document and your phone with you for this process. All investors have to go through this process in order to be able to invest.
Interested participants trying to get KYC’d need images of one of the following. A valid passport, a valid identification card, or a valid driver’s license plus proof of address

These NFTs serve various functions within the Seascape ecosystem, providing players with new utilities, trading opportunities, and participating in community governance.

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